Americas Variety
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$1 America’s Variety Chocolate Bar Fundraiser


Five Premium Chocolate Flavors


Our Van Wyk One Dollar Bar chocolate fundraisers are easy-to-sell and provide a high profit for your group. This variety pack chocolate fundraiser is ideal for club, school, or team fundraising projects.


  • 60-Count Variety Pack Fundraiser
  • Premium, High Profit Chocolate
  • 4 Carriers / 240 Bars per Master Case
  • Entirely PEANUT-FREE (Manufactured in a PEANUT-FREE facility) chocolate fundraising.





16 Creamy Caramel
16 Milk Chocolate Almond
12 Crispy Rice
8 Milk Chocolate
8 Dark Chocolate Almond


Sell each Dollar Bar for $1.00


Profit: $103



Each Case will sell for a total of


Free Shipping anywhere in the contiguous 48

Dollar Bars are delivered in 3-7 business day
depending on location


**Due to high temperatures (over 78 degrees)-
orders may need to have a longer shipping time**  The candy bars may melt in
high heat

  • Item #: Americas Variety

Americas Variety

Price: $137.00
10 or more: $132.00 each
25 or more: $130.00 each
50 or more: $128.00 each
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